November 11-17, 2007

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Electroporation based Technologies and Treatments



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Key lectures and content of the course:

Cells and tissues in electric fields

D. Miklavèiè

  • Biological cell and its plasma membrane
  • Resting and induced transmembrane voltage
  • Static and dynamic electric fields in biological tissues
  • Temperature and conductivity changes in tissues
  • Physical Chemistry of Membrane Electroporation

    E. Neumann

  • Electrochemical membrane thermodynamics
  • Electroporative transport
  • Electroporation in vitro

    J. Teissié

  • Electroporation of cells in suspension
  • Electroporation of cells in 2D tissue model
  • Parameters that determine the efficiency of electroporation in vitro
  • Electroporation in vivo

    L.M. Mir

  • Electroporation of cells in tissue
  • Methods for detecting cell electropermeabilization in vivo
  • Development of devices and electrodes

    D. Miklavèiè

  • Devices for in vitro and in vivo experimental work
  • Devices for clinical purposes
  • Electrodes for in vitro and in vivo
  • Application of electroporation in electrochemotherapy of tumors

    G. Sersa

  • Experiments in vitro
  • Experiments in vivo
  • Current clinical applications
  • Future perspectives
  • Application of electroporation in gene transfection

    L.M. Mir,

  • Gene transfection in vitro
  • J. Teissié

  • Gene transfection in vivo
  • Gene expression regulation by siRNA electrotransfer
  • Future perspectives
  • Application of electroporation in biotechnology

    J. Teissié

  • Water sterilization
  • Other applications
  • Future perspectives
  • Electroporation in transdermal drug delivery

    V. Preat

  • Transdermal drug delivery using electroporation
  • Intradermal and topical delivery of DNA by means of electroporation
  • Additional topics:

  • Regulation of gene expression
  • Gene Delivery with Electroporation: Translation to the Clinic
  • Electrochemotherapy in veterinary medicine
  • Blood flow measuring methods
  • Ultra-Short Electric Pulses
  • Students and participants short presentation